Bakar Prize

Bakar Prize

The Bakar Prize is awarded to select Bakar Fellows to bridge proof-of-concept to startup and commercialization for particularly promising technologies.

Nearing successful completion of a Spark Award project, Faculty Fellows will be invited to apply for the Bakar Prize.

Interested applicants will submit a project description, a proposed budget and timeline, and present the project to a selection committee. Recipients can spend the award over several years.

Bakar Prize Recipients

The Bakar Prize was established in 2018 to provide successful Bakar Fellow research teams with the added time and resources to ensure their technologies make it through the challenging final stages of translating academic projects to industry applications.

All Recipients
steven conolly headshot

Steven Conolly

2022 Bakar Prize Recipient

markita landry headshot

Markita Landry

2023 Bakar Prize Recipient

alessandra lanzara headshot

Alessandra Lanzara

2023 Bakar Prize Recipient

polina lishko headshot

Polina Lishko

2022 Bakar Prize Recipient

rikky muller headshot

Rikky Muller

2023 Bakar Prize Recipient

niren murthy headshot

Niren Murthy

2022 Bakar Prize Recipient

jaijeet roychowdhury

Jaijeet Roychowdhury

2023 Bakar Prize Recipient

kenichi soga headshot

Kenichi Soga

2022 Bakar Prize Recipient

junqiao wu

Junqiao Wu

2020 Bakar Prize Recipient

ming wu headshot

Ming Wu

2021 Bakar Prize Recipient

ting xu headshot

Ting Xu

2021 Bakar Prize Recipient


Spark Award

The Spark Award accelerates Berkeley faculty-led research to tangible, positive societal impact through commercialization.