Our Fellowship Programs

Our Fellowship Programs


Pioneered at UC Berkeley, the Bakar Fellows Program catalyzes commercialization of innovative research by supporting aspiring faculty- entrepreneurs and their research teams. The Bakar Spark Fund seeks to identify and support research (even early stage) that holds commercial promise.

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Faculty Fellows

UC Berkeley faculty are no strangers to innovation, but technology translation can be a challenging endeavor.

That’s why the Bakar Fellows Program selects up to seven UC Berkeley faculty every year to receive funding and mentorship as Spark Award recipients.

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Innovation Fellows

Bringing research to market is a team effort. The Bakar Innovation Fellows program, introduced in 2017, is an opportunity for entrepreneurially-inclined researchers to participate in translating research to commercial applications.

Bakar Innovation Fellows are graduate students or postdocs working with a Bakar Faculty Fellow on a Spark Award or Bakar Prize project. Many Innovation Fellows are venturing into the entrepreneurial landscape for the first time, therefore enrichment activities and events are a core component of the Innovation Fellows experience.

Ignite Scholars

The Ignite Scholars Program, introduced in 2023, provides undergraduate students with a stipend to work with Bakar Fellows in their labs. A new cohort of exceptional undergraduates are chosen for the program every semester.